We know that the person that probably installed your concrete floors told you they were going to last north of 50 years. Sometimes though that number gets shortened by a number of factors. Some of which actually involve the people who built the concrete flooring not accounting for different types of naturally occurring shifts in the soil below. In other cases people actually give us a call because the concrete floor is so old they have no idea who built it in the first place! Whatever the case may be we can surely give you a hand when it comes to fixing concrete slabs.

Finding The Source of The Problem

There are instances where we are called in to take a look at concrete flooring that is just decimated. The cracks have essentially created a puzzle that you could just take apart and put back together. A lot of times some companies will just go ahead and remove anything that they don’t need and put new concrete slabs. If you have a major problem though, with the terrain below the concrete that new concrete slab can suffer the same fate as the first one. That is why we believe that it is important to find the source of the original problem.

A Call In Time Can Go A Long Way

We are probably sure that you have heard this before, but a lot of times concrete slab issues are aggravated by the simple fact that people take too long to actually make an effort to fix them. We understand that fixing a small crack on your driveway is not going to be an investment that you are going to be too crazy about making The fact of the matter is though fixing those small issues in time can save you a lot of money down the line!

Sealing Cracks

Since we just talked about those minor issues we thought it would be fitting to stay on that train of thought. Not every single issue is going to require major excavation. At times with small cracks what we will do is come in and apply different products that are meant to rejoin the cracks within concrete slabs. This process is usually fairly quick and not that overly expensive. So, the “investment” that we just said we know you may not want to make can turn out to be really minimal compared to a major renovation.

Knowing When To Start Over

If you are having constant trouble with a specific area a lot of times you are going to be better off calling for a major overhaul. Little repairs here and there are going to be way more expensive when added up and at times won’t provide a long term solution. If there are flaws in the way that the concrete was laid out or the way that the original terrain was prepared you are bound to continue facing issues. A lot of times your best bet is to tear everything down and do it again!