This is the service that we provide where we really have made a name for ourselves here in Denton. Obviously, in this case, we work directly in your home’s foundation and try our best to keep it steady all the way through. These types of repairs are a very delicate matter. Not only could a botched attempt at performing these services be catastrophic for the home, but to be honest there is quite of danger involved in just working with pier and beam foundations. Especially when we are working with a foundation that has literally stood for decades!

Coming Up With A Pan

If you hire a company to work on your foundation and they go in and they tell you that there is a problem, like a major issue, and they can fix it within the hour. Around 99.9% of the time that company is lying to you and you should not allow them to work on your property at all. The only time that we actually go in and sort of, get right to mingling with your foundation is if we feel that our guys will be in danger unless we place extra support systems. Other than that what we do is give our diagnosis of the situation and come up with a plan on how to fight back so to speak!

Wood is Still A Viable Option

These days we really think of wood as really fragile. These types of foundations though have trusted wooden piers to hold up the entire structure of the home and it is safe to say that a lot of homes with wooden piers are still standing today. Most of the times when we repair a foundation we may replace or add support to the existing wooden piers, but we say this about wood though, because you may not need extra support every single time. If we see that your foundation is holding up we may just leave it be!

Crawl Spaces

These types of foundations are a very common way to create crawl spaces and basements. In these parts of Texas actually, we would say that a majority of the homes have at least a crawl space. These areas require proper maintenance all the way around. Even if they have just been reconstructed or whatever, the space itself makes mold growth and pest infestations common if these places are not well taken care of. We can help you fix them and point you in the right direction as far as regular maintenance goes!

Is My Home Going To Be Off Limits?

Are we going to ask you to leave the property while we repair your foundation? That really depends! If we are going to need to bring in a lot of support systems and we feel that your home is a make or break situation we may ask that you leave the property for a while. As added weight on the structure that we are trying to lift and hold up could make our job a bit harder. This is, of course, sort of like a worst case scenario!