At Denton Foundation Repair Experts we do a little bit of everything, and we definitely specialize in pier and beam foundations. A lot of the names of our services we feel are more placeholders to allow people like you who are reading this to get a better idea of what exactly it is that we do. For the most part, though, we arrive at home we inspect and if we find virtually any issue at all we will get right to work on building a strategy to fix that particular issue. It is the exact same process when we are called to inspect commercial buildings. That is actually why on the list at the bottom of the page you are just going to see commercial services and just not that many details about those services!
Again the main service that we actually provide is making sure that homes and buildings stay upright. We come up with a unique strategy to make sure that we can level the building by adding support systems or by fixing the beams that are in place on a particular building. As we mentioned our main goal is to make sure that clients can feel safe in their homes and that they can have smooth services to drive or walk on. That is really all that it comes down to for us! That being said here are our main services:
  • Concrete Slab Repair          
  • Pier & Beam Repair
  • Drainage Corrections
  • Commercial
  • House Leveling
  • Free Estimate